Deadline Extended To Comply with Pool Lift Requirements

The Department of Justice has announced that the deadline for existing public pools (including hotel and motel pools) to install pool lifts has been extended from May 21, 2012 until January 31, 2013.  Notably, this extension applies only to existing pools.  New pools will need to provide a pool lift that satisfies ADA requirements immediately.  The DOJ has recently published an overview of these requirements to assist pool owners entitled “ADA 2010 Revised Requirements – Means of Entry and Exit.”

The regulations for the 2010 Amendments to the ADA (which are now fully in effect other than the pool lift requirements) mandate that public pools install fixed lifts that enable patrons with disabilities access to and from the swimming area.  In January 2012, the DOJ clarified that portable lifts that are brought out at the requests of customers and patrons do not satisfy the new ADA requirements.  Rather, an acceptable pool lift must be fixed at a point of entry.  Various members of Congress continue to push for changes to, or the elimination of, these pool lift requirements.  For now, however, pools that are open to the public have a seven month reprieve to get compliant.

Enjoy Pool Season!

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