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California Legislature Passes State Disability Lawsuit Abuse Act

The California legislature recently passed a new amendment to its civil rights law (the Unruh Civil Rights Act) aimed at curbing abuses related to disability discrimination lawsuits against public accommodations (i.e. businesses that offer goods and services to the public). This bill, sponsored by Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) and Senator Bob Dutton (R-Rancho Cucamonga) received strong bipartisan support and now awaits a decision from Governor Jerry Brown. Recent figures show that California is home to approximately 40% of all claims against businesses alleging a failure to satisfy accessibility requirements for the disabled. As in most states, plaintiffs will …


DOJ Publishes ADA Technical Assistance Documents Concerning Persons with HIV and AIDS

The Department of Justice has released Technical Assistance Guidelines addressing Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements for Persons with HIV and AIDS.  This Document, entitled Questions and Answers: The Americans with Disabilities Act and Persons with HIV/AIDS, provides compliance information concerning both the ADA’s employment and “public accommodations” provisions.