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Does Your Business Have a Website? Get Ready for New ADA Regulations

Courts have wrestled for several years with how to apply the ADA’s public accommodation requirements to online businesses or online aspects of businesses (USA Today published an article and quoted me on the issue available at the link below). The statute itself (enacted in 1990) does not address online businesses, nor do current regulations. Litigation in this area has also produced divergent results. In some cases, federal courts have dismissed such claims holding that online stores and websites are not public accommodations within the meaning of Title III of the ADA. In others, courts have held that commercial websites are …


And The (Miniature) Horse You Rode In On…?

For years restaurants, retailers, hotels, and other businesses have understood that disabled patrons may bring “service animals” in their stores. For most people, this means service dogs such as “seeing eye dogs” or dogs used to assist people with various mobility constraints. It’s a safe bet that most business owners and managers would be surprised to see a miniature horse showing up in their stores or restaurants. Well, surprise! Recent amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act, or “ADA,” now list miniature horses as service animals, along with dogs, that must generally be permitted into stores, restaurants, and other businesses …