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Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: New DOJ Closed-Captioning Rules

The price of movie tickets could be going up soon.  Under new proposed regulations issued by the Department of Justice, movie theaters with digital screens would be required to show  films with options for closed captioning (for hearing impaired patrons) and audio descriptions (for visually impaired patrons).  Movie theaters would not be required to create their own captioning or assistive aids.  Rather, when a movie is available for distribution with closed captioning and audio description, the theater must purchase the version containing these accommodations.  In some circumstances, a theater may show films without these accommodations if a compliant version is …


Is Employee Training Your Weakest Link?

Recently I read a national news story about a disabled veteran who claimed that an employee of a hotel denied and mocked his request for assistance in getting his wheelchair down a flight of stairs. Although I lay no claim to knowing the true facts of the incident, or the hotel’s ADA procedures, the story did get me thinking about the vital role employees play in ensuring compliance with a business’s public accommodations obligations. Simply put, your employees can be either your greatest strength in ensuring compliance and avoiding lawsuits, or your Achilles heel. Most businesses have detailed policies prohibiting disability …